Notes:   Current Scope

   The Wrath and Ruin modification changes/enhances the game playing experience of the LOTR: The Battle for Middle-Earth, published in 2004.
   Generally speaking, the WAR-Mod is based upon a leisure "WHAT-IF" approach.
First, the Elves join Gondor and Rohan and actively "fight alongside men once more" against Mordor and Isengard. The Elvish factions, Loth Lorien and Rivendell, possess an impressive amount of infantry and cavalry units. Similarly, Gondor and Rohan have mustered an extensive array of army units to face Evil since "the enemy has grown stronger ....".
Second, Isengard and Mordor have built up their armed forces, too. Many infantry and cavalry contingents will launch a fierce assault upon Middle-Earth and "they must be stopped". Therefore, all factions have a wider perimeter and can act more aggressively on each map or during a mission while attacking each other.
Admittedly, this approach is a "leap of faith" and stretches the original story to some degree. However, I believe that it does provide a greater diversity and a maybe richer experience as far as game-playing is concernded. Since the AI will build all newly added units for the non-player factions and will continously get reinforcements, you might have a much harder time to prevail. Numbers and good tactics might "win the day".
INSTALLATION: This mod is compatible with BFME1 version 1.3 and does not correctly play along with any other mods. It simply requires of you to copy the provided files into your BFME1 installation directory.
Prior to installation, save all the files marked with <!> to a backup folder outside or above the main BFME1 directory on your system. Afterwards, copy all mod files into your BFME1 folder.
On removal of this mod, delete all 8 files from your BFME1 directory and restore the backup files to your main BFME1 folder. That's it ....
You have to run this game in Windows XP (Service Pack3) compatibility mode with administrator privileges set (click your RMB and select Properties, etc.).

At the moment, I am developing the WAR-Mod on a rather low-end system.
By having limited all textures to 128x128 pixels without an alpha-channel, I cut the strain on the game's resource consumption. If you want more units, HD-textures with 512x512 RGBA equal of 1MB(!!!) per file size will be not the direction to take. Remember, BFME1 consists of low poly models. I also removed a lot of "noise" from the INI.files because they were littered with tabs and spaces. Strangely enough, the game has to parse many files in order to get all its parameters. Thus, I eliminated the "noise" to relay the "signal" and relieved this embedded parser from all the clutter.
During my extensive test cycles, I got a reasonable FPS rate and acceptable visual results. Thus, let's see what some of my faster systems will render ....

 Notes:   Personal Thoughts

   At the moment, I have no particular plans for the future. Whether I will utilize all my models and assets for creating a modification for BFME II
   or not it depends on my available time and motivation. Regarding the efforts and undertakings for my present modification, I am not inclined to
   do it again all by myself.
   Nonetheless, I enjoy the work, the research and look forward to the final result. A playable and hopefully error-limited version of my modification
   will personally reward me because I am close to finishing a project of tremendous proportions. For a single person the sheer amount of work seemed
   overwhelming to begin with. It repetively made me think "Are you out of your mind" for tackling such a demanding task.
You will find explicit information on the current status and useful applications on the pages Tasks & Tools. Wow, I did not evade this very challenge. Prior to project start, my life was very complicated because I was recovering from a very perilous leucemia and a stem-cell transplantation. However, I was determined to survive and to see the day when my imagination will have materialised at all Middle-Earth maps on the screen. After over 4600 hrs. of research, dedicated work, some frustration and intermittent medicinal roller-coaster rides I will finish my project. {{:-)