Tasks:   What I have achieved so far ....

   As far as modelling is concerned, I am finally done with all the Units and structures. Frankly, I gave up
   counting the numerous changes and modification of all the individual W3D-Models. I am particularly
   proud of having changed the horses. My riders look sleeker and more dynamic than the vanilla versions.
   I think their proportions appear more natural. Moreover, I completed all textures and button images.

   Having automated many intermediary steps by tools, modelling, and creating textures are less time
   consuming. All necessary *.INI files and scripts for the factions Rohan, Isengard, Galahdrim, Dwarves,
   and some Heroes are implemented and ready for testing (Missions: Moria - Helms Deep).

   I re-formated almost all files in the INI.big. By doing so, I discovered many useful details of how to
   manipulate/control the units and hordes. Re-formating enforced a basic structure onto these files and
   made them more comprehensible. Subjectively speaking, it probably made them also more parsable for
   the game. Therefore, bug hunting was less of a nuiscance, quicker, and much more successful.

I enhanced the AI libraries (single-slayer + skirmish) of Rohan and Isengard, in order to create more opposition and units/troups on the maps. There is so much of under-populated space on each map. So, 40 - 60 units just do not provide for a "thrilling" experience, at least not for me. Sigh, I know. We all agree to unyieldingly differ on this subject and first and formost cherish our personal view. However, "variatio delectat" and just embrace pluralilty.

 Tasks:   What I will finish next ....

   After having completed the asset integration, Stage I, I am going to begin with Stage II consisting
   of the following tasks:

   First: Create and implement all *.INI files and scripts for the factions Gondor, Imladris, Mordor,
   Rhun, and Harad. Given the amount of asset specific parameters, this will be a step-by-step process
   with continuous validation cycles. Load the new files and see if the game launches correctly.
In case of crashing, locate the errors, correct the entries and re-start the game. Once BFME starts without complaints, I will begin intensive testing of the new units/hordes in order to check if the added modifications work as expected. If they do, I will continue with the next package. Otherwise, I have to correct all quirks and errors until I am content with the results. Welcome to the wonderful world of iterations: "a rose is a rose is a rose ...." (Gertrude Stein) Second: Similar to Stage I, I will enhance the AI libraries (single-slayer + skirmish) of Gondor and Mordor in order to create extra forces during the campaign and multi-player skirmish matches. Fine-tuning of this spawn mechanism will be a challenging task altogether. I'm wondering how malleable the AI-script system turns out to be. Thus, let's find out by playing the game and by being creative .... Third: As a result of the previous tasks, I will have to test, correct, and finally release all the new material. On success, all missions will be scrutinized for playabilty and correctness, starting with "Mines of Moria to Black Gate". The same applies to all the skirmish scenarios: i.e. Gondor vs. Mordor or Mordor vs. Isengard, etc. Afterwards, I am going to test-play the evil campaign in order to achieve equal correctness and stability.

 Tasks:   What I have yet to create ....

   The work of Stage III implies two major tasks: (1) Creation of AI-libraries for the new
   factions and (2) Design of all the necessary base modules.

   The first part will involve intensive research and fact-finding of how the AI handles
   its data and what it requires to act or react on behalf of the corresponding faction.

   The second part will comprise of both research for the base-building mechanism, long
   hours of sketching possible base layouts and at last modelling these layouts inside
   the worldbuilder.

   What will follow is an extensive phase of testing and shaping of the new factions. It is
   likely that I will start with the Elven factions. I have only a vague idea of how much
   work lies ahead of me. Nonetheless, I am committed to commence with Stage III.